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What is Cistanche tubulosa?

Cistanche tubulosa is a desert plant that is considered parasitic in nature as it thrives off the water and nutrients of a host plant. Cistanche grows primarily in arid climates which inspired its nickname "desert ginseng." For centuries, Cistanche has been used in Traditional Chinese practices and has been cited in literature as having a myriad of benefits such as supporting healthy testosterone levels and vitality, as well as promoting strength and energy!

Cistanche tubulosa Benefits and Uses

Cistanche tubulosa benefits may include:

May help promote healthy testosterone levels*

May help promote physical strength and energy*

May help support balanced oxidation levels*

May help promote cognitive function*

While traditional uses primarily suggest that Cistanche tubulosa was used to promote strength and energy, some reports also claim that Cistanche may help promote cognitive function.* Until recently, much of the available data on these subjects would be considered anecdotal. However, research conducted over the last several years supports many of the reported benefits of taking a Cistanche tubulosa supplement.*

Why Choose A Standardized Cistanche tubulosa Extract?

Echinacoside and Acetoside, the bioactive components in Cistanche, are believed to be responsible for Cistanche's health benefits! Fortunately, we have been able to create and standardize a highly potent Cistanche extract which is standardized to a minimum 50% Echinacoside and 10% Acetoside (Verbascoside).* It is also important to note that many other Cistanche supplements on the market do not test or standardize to these bioactive compounds that make Cistanche such a potent and highly sought after supplement for testosterone support and vitality.

In some studies it was concluded that Echinacoside notably supported overall testosterone levels and vitality while also demonstrating positive changes to strength and endurance. Across several trials, the Echinacoside group demonstrated more strength and endurance over control groups, further solidifying anecdotal claims. Acetoside was also found to support testosterone levels and to possess strength-promoting properties, making it a critical co-constituent for these benefits. Lastly, a Cistanche extract with Acetoside content appeared to also balance oxidation levels which may help support overall cognitive function.*

Cistanche tubulosa Tablets | 200mg | Minimum 50% Echinacoside + 10% Acetoside (Verbascoside)

  • 60ct. or 180ct. jars of high quality Cistanche tubulosa tablets. Cistanche tubuolsa extract has been lab-tested and verified for both product purity and identity.

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