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Boron Glycinate Capsules | 50mg | Delivering 6mg Elemental Boron | Testosterone, Inflammation, Immune, & Cognitive Support

Why Should I Take Boron Glycinate?


Boron is one of the most underappreciated minerals, which is a shame, because it has some very unique effects and can be vital to our health! One of the standout effects of boron is its interactions with vitamin D and hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen. Boron prevents the breakdown of vitamin D, and thus it is great to take alongside vitamin D products, like our D3/K2 tablets. Boron, partially through its interactions with vitamin D, also has very beneficial effects on bone health. Boron can also help enhance testosterone levels, while enhancing the sensitivity of the anabolic estrogen beta receptors, which is where beta-ecdysterone exerts its effects! Thus, it is no surprise that boron is very popular amongst bodybuilders.


Our formulation of boron is an amino acid chelate, using glycine. Boron glycinate exhibits high bioavailability, making this an ideal boron supplement!


What is Boron Glycinate?


Boron is a trace mineral which is found in small quantities in our diet. Our formulation of boron, chelates this unique trace mineral with the amino acid glycine. This amino acid chelate improves the bioavailability of boron, allowing you to reap the most amount of benefits from boron!


Low levels of boron in the body can have some very undesirable outcomes, such as impaired bone strength, hormone function, vitamin D status and cognitive function. This is why it is important to supplement with a high quality boron supplement such as our wonderful Boron glycinate! Our boron glycinate is standardized to 12% Boron to bring you all the amazing effects and steer clear of boron deficiencies.


Boron Glycinate Benefits & Uses


Enhances vitamin D levels

Promotes testosterone and estrogen function

Promotes bone health


Vitamin D’s Best Friend


One of the first things we need to talk about with boron is its interactions with vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for muscle contractions, neurotransmission, immune function but most importantly bone health! Boron prevents the breakdown of vitamin D, which increases the amount of vitamin D available to our bodies, especially in those already deficient in this essential vitamin. Since vitamin D has very important effects on bone health, it is also no surprise that boron is a major ally for our bones, helping to improve their strength.


Several studies have also shown that boron helps enhance free testosterone levels. It achieves this by deactivating sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which normally binds to testosterone. By deactivating SHBG, testosterone is liberated and can exert its effects throughout the body. Boron also appears to enhance the sensitivity of the estrogen beta-receptor (ER-Beta). ER-Beta is a very unique estrogen receptor, and when activated, actually produces robust anabolic effects. In fact, one of the best natural anabolic compounds, beta-ecdysterone, produces its anabolic effect by activating ER-beta. Icariin, from horny goat weed, also activates the ER-beta receptor and produces some of its libido and mood enhancing effects via this target. Thus, stacking beta-ecdysterone or horny goat weed with boron glycinate, should have profound synergistic effects!

Boron Glycinate Capsules | 50mg | Delivering 6mg Elemental Boron | Testosterone, Inflammation, Immune, & Cognitive Support

  • Nootropics Depot offers 120ct. or 365ct. jars of high-quality Boron Glycinate. Nootropics Depot’s Boron Glycinate has been lab-tested and verified for both product purity and identity.

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