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Coluracetam Capsules 20mg

Coluracetam is in the racetam-family of nootropic compounds. It is a fat-soluble nootropic. The racetam-class of nootropics share a pyrrolidone nucleus at their core.


Coluracetam is unique among the racetams in the way it targets choline in the brain. It boosts your brain’s choline conversion to acetylcholine (ACh) through the high affinity choline uptake (HACU) process.

Pramiracetam is the only other racetam that has a similar mechanism of action. By influencing the HACU process.

Coluracetam is one of the newest synthetic nootropic compounds. It is known for improving long-term memory and mood. And for enhancing sounds and color.

Coluracetam is considered to be much more potent than Piracetam. And suggested doses are much smaller – often in the 3 – 10 mg range.

Coluracetam helps increase attention span, alertness and boosts long-term memory.

Coluracetam acts like an ampakine nootropic although this hasn’t been verified in clinical trials. Ampakines tend to have a stimulant effect. But do not produce the same stimulant side effects as Ritalin or coffee.


Coluracetam helps:

  • Brain Optimization: Coluracetam is a choline uptake enhancer which boosts the effects of choline in your brain. It increases the production of acetylcholine (ACh) through HACU. Resulting in better learning and memory.
  • Neurotransmitters: Coluracetam desensitizes glutamate (AMPA) receptors in your brain. Which boosts neural signaling by increasing the effectiveness of glutamate. Resulting in better focus and concentration.
  • Mood & Anti-anxiety: Coluracetam is effective in treating anxiety and depression. Even in people suffering from major depression and who do not respond to SSRI’s.

Coluracetam Capsules 20mg

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  • Coluracetam benefits

    Research from a very limited number of studies have shown that Coluracetam will:

    • Restore the synthesis of acetylcholine
    • Restore long-term memory
    • Improve working memory
    • Relieve symptoms of severe depression
    • Treat symptoms of general anxiety
    • Increase choline uptake even in damaged neurons
    • Repair retinal and optic nerve damage

    The benefits from supplementing with Coluracetam seem to be long-lasting. Even after supplementation has stopped.


    How does Coluracetam feel?

    Even with very small doses of Coluracetam you should experience a decrease in anxiety and improved mood. Overall energy levels should go up.

    Unlike the effect commonly produced by stimulants, Coluracetam offers a more relaxed, calm and free-minded kind of thought-processing.

    Coluracetam acts quickly to boost long-term and working memory and word-recall. And many nootropic-users report that colors are crisper, or enhanced. Sound and audio seems to wash through you.

    Some even report that Coluracetam enhances meditation. There is an extremely pleasant sense of being at peace with the world.

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