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Infini-C Capsules | 500mg | Optimized Vitamin C | Immune Function, Brain Health, & Collagen Formation

Why Should I Take Infini-C?


Vitamin C likely requires very little introduction, given its popularity and importance to human health! So what is special about infini-C? It’s all in the forms of vitamin C that we used! Regular vitamin C supplements usually just contain a small dose of ascorbic acid, the most basic form of vitamin C. Oftentimes these doses are too low, and going higher in dose with regular ascorbic acid could cause some gastric upset due to its acidity. For this reason, mineral ascorbates were developed, as these are ‘pH buffered’, and these mineral ascorbates make up the majority of the Infini-C formulation. Switching gears to bioavailability, the mineral ascorbates are also significantly more bioavailable than regular ascorbic acid, so this means we can deliver more vitamin C with less distress! Speaking of bioavailability, the formulation of Inifi-C is rounded out with one of the highest bioavailability forms of vitamin C, ascorbyl palmitate. This is the ester form of vitamin C, has excellent bioavailability, and is particularly good at delivering vitamin C to the brain!* The Infini-C formulation not only absorbs better, but has a more controlled release throughout the day. This means you get the best vitamin C formulation, no stomach upset, and long-lasting effects.* In addition, you get sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which are beneficial electrolytes. Other vitamin C formulations include random additions, like small amounts of flavonoids or other things in sub-active doses. We concentrated on just making the best vitamin C formulation we could, without any of the fluff you see in other formulations.


What is Infini-C?


Infini-C is an intelligently designed vitamin C supplement which combines the benefits of buffered mineral ascorbates with the high bioavailability of ascorbyl palmitate. For the mineral ascorbates, we employed the following in Infini-C:


Calcium ascorbate

Magnesium ascorbate

Sodium ascorbate

Potassium ascorbate


These mineral ascorbates help buffer the acidity of ascorbic acid, which can cause gastric distress for lots of individuals when higher doses are consumed. With the mineral ascorbates, this issue is almost entirely eliminated!* Furthermore, the mineral ascorbates also tend to absorb quite a bit better than ascorbic acid, so not only can you benefit from their buffering ability, they also allow you to absorb more vitamin C.* Another unique benefit of the mineral ascorbates is that the minerals also sport good bioavailability. This means that in addition to vitamin C, you are also getting small doses of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, which are all highly beneficial minerals!


Infini-C also contains the unique ester form of vitamin C called ascorbyl palmitate. What’s unique about ascorbyl palmitate, is that it helps transport vitamin C to neural tissue, meaning it can make it into the brain more readily. Since vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant, this means ascorbyl palmitate can help protect the brain from elevated levels of oxidative stress!* More interestingly, one of the metabolites of vitamin C, threonic acid, can help increase magnesium levels in the brain and has a nootropic effect of its own.* Thus, by getting vitamin C into the brain with ascorbyl palmitate, we may also be able to reap the benefits of higher levels of threonic acid in the brain!


Infini-C Benefits & Uses


Promotes immune function

Supports brain health

Promotes collagen synthesis


Infini-C To The Rescue


Walking around a grocery store or your average brick and mortar supplement store, you will almost always be greeted with huge walls full of vitamin C products. From dissolvable stick packs and ready to drink beverages, all the way to gummies and cough drops, there certainly is no shortage of vitamin C products out there! There is a good reason for this too, vitamin C is an essential vitamin and has excellent antioxidant effects. Vitamin C especially comes in handy when temperatures start to drop, and sniffles start to rise! For this reason, vitamin C products become especially popular during the winter months. For good reason too, vitamin C has pronounced immune function promoting effects, and thus it can help fortify our defenses when we need them most. However, the average vitamin C supplement is simply cheap and basic ascorbic acid, which leaves a few benefits on the table, which can be achieved with better forms of vitamin C!


An effect a lot of people tend to gloss over when it comes to vitamin C, is that it has some very positive effects on the brain! This is why we wanted to capitalize on this, by including one of the best “brain specific” forms of vitamin C, ascorbyl palmitate. Ascorbyl palmitate has been shown to promote the delivery of vitamin C to neural tissue, and thus, you can achieve the most nootropic focused effects of vitamin C with this form. One of the main reasons vitamin C is good for the brain is because it acts as an antioxidant. The brain is a very metabolically active organ, and this brings with it lots of reactive oxygen species, which need to be neutralized with antioxidants like vitamin C. Onto more direct mechanisms however, vitamin C is a very prolific neuromodulator! Vitamin C helps dampen glutamatergic tone, protects dopaminergic neurons, and induces the release of both acetylcholine and norepinephrine! In addition to these effects, vitamin C also helps support myelin formation and may even help upregulate BDNF levels. Anecdotally, we even find that Infini-C has a subtle, yet noticeable mood boosting effect, which is not surprising given its neuromodulatory function!


Last but not least, skin health! Vitamin C also plays a crucial role in the synthesis and maintenance of collagen. Vitamin C plays a role in the final step of collagen maturation, and once the collagen has been fully produced, it plays a critical role in stabilizing it. Thus, without the presence of vitamin C, all processes that depend on collagen production would be hampered. Now collagen plays a vital role throughout the body, but what we are most often interested in, is its effects on aesthetics. This is where vitamin C comes in with a one-two punch, by acting both as an antioxidant and a collagen synthesis promoter!

Infini-C Capsules | 500mg | Optimized Vitamin C | Immune Function, Brain Health, & Collagen Formation