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MicroZinc Capsules | 40mg | Optimized Zinc

What is MicroZinc?

Zinc is one of 24 micronutrients needed for survival. Some studies found that a zinc deficiency has a correlation to impaired memory function and diminished signalling of BDNF growth factor. The use of a Zinc supplement has been used in dietary supplements or food enrichment. Some reports mention zinc supplement benefits include promoting cognitive function, vision health, maintenance of normal hair, and immune system function. Zinc is also an essential component of many enzymes involved in the metabolism of proteins and nucleic acids. However, a conventional zinc supplement, such as plain zinc oxide is often associated with low absorption and poor palatability. The absorption of zinc is much less optimal for the zinc oxide form because zinc oxide is an insoluble form of zinc with poor bioavailability. MicroZinc is a form of sucrosomial zinc oxide with a high concentration of zinc oxide in a specialized sucrosomial form for maximum bioavailability.

MicroZinc supplement Benefits and Uses

  • May help promote cognitive function*
  • May help support vision health*
  • May help promote healthy hair maintenance*
  • May help support immune system function

How does Optimized Zinc work?

MicroZinc is a zinc supplement encased in large hollow spheres known as phospholipid micelles. These phospholipid micelles are made from sucrose esters of fatty acid, also known as a sucrester. Sucresters are obtained via fatty acid esterification of fatty acid methyl esters with sucrose.

The sucrester protects the sucrosome from breaking down and aids in the absorption and bioavailability of zinc. The esterified fatty acids act as emulsifiers to achieve better stabilization between aqueous and fatty phases, allowing zinc to be absorbed more effectively. The Sucrosome Lipid Bilayer is structurally similar to cell membranes, allowing for sucrosomial zinc to be easily transported into cells, thus improving the bioavailability. Sucrosomial Zinc has demonstrated higher bioavailability compared with zinc gluconate 8 hours after administration and shows a renal excretion similar to zinc gluconate, demonstrating a higher bioavailability. Sucrosomial technology enables this form of zinc supplement to have a faster and higher bioavailability compared with zinc gluconate. Sucrosomial Zinc contains 42% zinc and has excellent palatability and tolerability, without interference of absorption from other minerals, unlike conventional nonchelated forms of zinc.

MicroZinc Capsules | 40mg | Optimized Zinc


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