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Phenibut HCL Capsules 250mg

Phenibut is a neurotransmitter of GABA. GABA’s role is to keep glutamate, the primary excitatory neurotransmitter, from overwhelming you. Too much glutamate can cause a seizure, and too little GABA can put you in a coma. A healthy brain maintains a critical balance of GABA and glutamate.

GABA acts like a “brake” on neuron circuits during stress. Low GABA levels can result in anxiety, insomnia, poor mood and restlessness.

Clinical studies show that boosting GABA with a supplement like Phenibut relieves anxiety, stress, and boosts the production of alpha brain waves. If GABA is optimized in your brain you’ll feel focused, relaxed and stress-free.

Phenibut HCL Capsules 250mg

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  • Phenibut is a type nootropic in the list of nootropics_concentration-319405-5cde force, improves mood.

    Phenibut was developed in the Soviet Union and entered medical use in the 1960s by Russian cosmonauts participating in Soyuz spaceflight missions. Currently marketed for medical use in Russia and some countries as a pharmaceutical drug to treat anxiety and improve sleep. When used in low doses with_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_intended to enhance awareness, concentration and thinking.

    Because of its euphoric properties, the drug was abused in Europe and the US for entertainment, so it was converted to prescription drug. Do not use more than 2 days/week.

    Half-life: 5.3 hours urine.

    Please read the article in the section Scientific research

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