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Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules | 200mg | 2% Eurycomanone | Eurycoma longifolia

What is Tongkat Ali?


Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, also known as Tongkat Ali, is a flowering plant and member of the Simaroubaceae family and can be found in the South East Asian region, in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. Cultures in these regions believed consuming Tongkat Ali would provide an array of Tongkat Ali health benefits.


For centuries, people have used Tongkat Ali for its purported testosterone, strength, and energy benefits. In fact, several studies have noted testosterone promoting effects from people taking a Tongkat Ali supplement. A study evaluating the testosterone promoting benefits of Tongkat Ali also discovered higher levels of energy and physical strength among athletes taking a Tongkat Ali supplement compared to those not taking the supplement.


However, it’s important to note that many Tongkat Ali supplements do not test or standardize to the active compounds that make Tongkat Ali such a potent supplement for vitality. The bioactive component in Tongkat Ali, Eurycomanone, is believed to be responsible for the array of Tongkat Ali benefits, including promoting healthy testosterone levels! Fortunately, with modern technology and research we have been able to create highly potent Tongkat ali extracts like this 2% Eurycomanone extract. Let's get into the benefits this may have for you!


Tongkat Ali Benefits and Uses


    • May help promote healthy testosterone levels
    • May help promote physical strength and energy
    • May help promote stress management
    • May help support blood flow
    • May help promote cognitive function


Tongkat Ali Health Benefits


Traditional uses suggest that Tongkat Ali was used to promote blood flow, healthy testosterone levels, endurance and even weight loss. There is still ongoing research investigating these Tongkat Ali benefits, however, a few studies have already been done that had positive results.


In a few animal and human studies, Tongkat Ali was shown to support balanced stress levels. Related trials found that the group taking a Tongkat Ali supplement had lower cortisol levels than the control group.


In other research, Tongkat Ali seemed to promote vitality regularly at notable levels and some findings suggest that these benefits extend to overall endurance and energy levels. Results from other studies found that Tongkat Ali appeared to have a positive influence on bone strength in addition to the Tongkat Ali benefits to endurance and cardiovascular function.

Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules | 200mg | 2% Eurycomanone | Eurycoma longifolia

  • Unlike other extracts on the market, Nootropics Depot’s Tongkat Ali is standardized to Eurycomanone. This is not another run of the mill 200:1 Tongkat Ali extract. What makes Nootropics Depot’s Tongkat Ali extract different from other Tongkat Ali extracts is that we standardize for a high amount of Eurycomanone resulting in an effective, affordable and consistent extract compared to other Tongkat Ali 200:1 extracts with unknown levels of bioactives. We’ve standardized this extract to 2% Eurycomanone.

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