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Oxiracetam 750mg

Oxiracetam is  3rd nootropic of  origin  racetam but stronger  Piracetam and studied as  safe for long time use (according to Wikipedia)


Oxiraxetam in medicine is  Used in high doses to improve mild to moderate dementia. Gives good response results in  the  experiment  about mental performance  logic, attention, concentration, memory and spatial orientation.


Popular choice among American students in exams, Oxiracetam works for sharp thinking and speed of information processing. With the strength of completely eliminating  With distractions around you, Oxiracetam is suitable for research tasks, fast reading, fast memory, demanding attention, high concentration , increased memory capacity and spatial perception.


What is brain fog?


Brain fog  related to problems with thinking, memory and concentration: Forgetfulness, lack of concentration, fatigue and lack of clarity… This is the beginning of  cognitive decline  due to stress and age. Create  feeling  there's something enveloping that things aren't as sharp as they used to be.


Symptoms appear as:


- Having problems with memory

- Easily distracted

- Difficulty following conversation and difficulty concentrating and participating in everyday tasks.

- Walk into a room and forget why you're there.

- Hard to think of the right word.

- Difficulty remembering what you just read.

- Takes longer to complete a task

- Forget recipes or steps when cooking

- Forget what you were doing after becoming distracted

Oxiracetam 750mg

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  • Particularly effective in eliminating  get rid of brain fog

    Increase concentration in 4-6 hours

    Get a raise  the ability to quickly absorb knowledge  new

    Improve mood

    Outstanding in  memorization, reading, document study and analysis  easier

    Ability to learn  and save data  information faster.

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